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About us

Who We Are

In 2007, two old friends ran into each other at work after not having seen each other in 6 years. They created SparkIT Solutions that year to serve the small business and home sector with computer repair and system building solutions.

Our business has morphed over the years as our skillsets and roles in the industry changed. Today, SparkIT Solutions is a software engineering and security consulting business with satisfied customers all over the globe.

What We Do

SparkIT Solutions provides consulting services and creates enterprise grade solutions for companies all over the world.

  • Highly experienced software consulting
  • World-class cyber-security consulting and engineering
  • Diverse industries - Energy, Environmental, Financial Services, and more
  • Serving customers large and small

Our Services

Software & Systems

Custom full-stack solutions serving any market, for companies large and small

Security Consulting

Over 10 years of incident response and threat hunting experience

Enterprise Logging

See what's going on in your app, or across your enterprise


Hybrid hardware/software solutions leveraging embedded technology to interact with large integrated systems

Cloud architecture

Cloud agnostic and cloud native solutions including serverless technology

Machine Vision

Implement technologies such as OpenCV to build systems that can see and react


Fully asynchronous solutions aggregating heterogeneous data from across the firm


Let your organization benefit from our unique experience in some of the most demanding markets on earth

Meet the team

Our team is made up of highly experienced and dedicated professionals. Let us help you today!


Greg Olmstead

Founder / Principal Software Engineer


Justin Borland


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